Crazy P + Jaydee + Mark E + DJ Hell

Posted by Jakub

Trying to put together one of those summer mixes for a friends party, this track by Crazy P is the perfect wind down cut to place towards the end, almost the best reflection selection if your playlist was disco heavy, I hear a Rod Stewart vocal if i’m not mistaken.

Detroit Techno classics are popping up everywhere these days again, this is a must have, i’m actually surprised i’ve never posted it yet. I remember when I first heard it in a Detroit warehouse when I was probably even too young to drive, I didn’t know how to ask the DJ or if it was even okay to ask what was playing.

If you follow Mark E closely you’ll get edit treats at the same quality as Todd Terje, this one is my latest discover even though its older, the tempo has been perfected, looking to debut a DJ set in SF if anyone knows of any spots? I think this would work nicely early into the evening.

Alright on the other side of the tempo spectrum comes a classic from DJ Hell, don’t even waste your time with the song, GO DIRECTLY TO THE MUSIC VIDEO AND WATCH IT BEGINNING TO END, thank me later.

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Jakub says:

May 7, 2012 at 7:16 pm


@JOSEPH I am still looking for that, it was a long day on the internet and i’m not sure where I grabbed this one from, would love to give some credit