Mexican Stamp Bookmark

Posted by Scott

Blog contributor Forrest sent in these Mexican stamps his girlfriend found at an antiques store. They all look to be 60’s era and at some point were laminated and turned into a bookmark. The Mexico 68 example is the standout, of course. I think it’s interesting that Lance Wyman’s name is mentioned right there on the stamp, pretty nice touch and great typography. Thanks Forrest!

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Ed Fladung says:

October 6, 2008 at 6:53 am

Hey Scott.

just a heads up, someone commented on my my blog that there’s a current exhibit “Mexico 68” at the Museo de Moderno Arte in Mexico City. The catalogue is about to go on sale and in it, they settle a confusion about the branding. They say that Lance Weyman was one of many designers and that the lead on the project was Eduardo Terrazas. But to have Weyman’s name on the state sponsored stamp is kinda “official” if you ask me. Maybe he is specifically responsible for the logo and the way it morphs? If there are other people involved I’m definitely interested in hearing who they are and seeing more of their work. If I can get my hands on a copy of the catalogue I’ll scan and email you.

Oh, and just a note: I’ve been reading your blog and checking out your work for years. years. always good stuff.


// Ed


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