F. Romeau + Holter + Cage & Aviary + Terje

Posted by Jakub

If you want an easy to swallow hip album that you can listen to all the way thru that gets you more than a glimpse of whats going on in true House Music thats good and now then this Fort Romeau album is it. Track after track this album doesn’t disappoint on the listening end but I have some sample issues with it, if you’re from Detroit or Chicago or Berlin and you’ve been buying House records for the last 15 years then you’ll probably hear what i’m talking about.

I’ve not been able to hand select vocalists that I love ever, its still by a song by song basis, even Mark Kozelek, Bjork and Bill Corgan fall into this category. I do however love to share vocalists I do like more and more here on the blog. Julia Holter has one of those voices that I wouldn’t kick out of bed, it has that airy distance that isn’t showing off and is easily respectable. She experiments and also doesn’t grasp for your approval, you usually can’t even guess what is coming next.

^ Look at that album cover up there, I had to check this release out. I’m not sure what the whole story is behind this record is because the names of the tracks seem to be pairs of to different titles or musicians. I enjoyed this because I imagine this being the intro sound of a Gary Numan and Byrne/Eno live show that never happened.

If its Todd Terje it’s going on the blog, I have proof in the history to prove that, end of discussion.

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Mikethegreenkingdom says:

March 28, 2012 at 6:44 am

Love the Cage and Aviary track- the cover and cover fonts are great as well!


mg33 says:

March 28, 2012 at 9:23 am

Jakub, Scott, et al – do you guys publish Spotify playlists? The nice thing about your music posts now is that many of these albums/songs are available on Spotify – the entirety of the Cage & Aviary albums in on there and is really great. Thanks for posting it!