Delia Derbyshire – Dreams – 1964 UK Radio

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Delia DerbyshireI was going to save this for Halloween but its October and i couldn’t wait.

Delia Derbyshire’s “Dreams” was made in collaboration with Barry Bermange (who originally recorded the narrations). Bermange put together The Dreams (1964), a collage of people describing their dreams. It was set by Delia into a background of pure electronic sound. “Dreams” is a collection of spliced/reassembled interviews with people describing their dreams, particularly recurring elements. The program of sounds and voices is an attempt to re-create in five movements some sensations of dreaming: running away, falling, landscape, underwater, and colour.

Delia Derbyshire – “Dreams” part 4: Sea


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Damo says:

October 3, 2008 at 5:32 pm

yeah quite a tripped sound scape indeed – yet interesting none the less…weren’t the Beatles utilizing similar methods with various and numerous reel to reel efforts to produce an album…cant remember which one exactly – but there was a track with sitars and had lyrics ‘float downstream’…etc – one of my favorites…..ahhh found it!!! was the Revlover Album…and the track was ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. Apparently they used something like 16 reel to reel devices to back track, mask and layer the sitar sounds, orchestral strings etc…may have to google to read some more definite details.

however it was considered pretty advanced techniques for a recording production!


Karl says:

October 5, 2008 at 12:52 pm

Thanks for this fascinating glimps.
Some might want to check the rather amazing archive of ubu web, the poetry foundation or Continuo’s aural delicacies.