Sepalcure+Terje+Evenings+Star Slinger

Posted by Jakub

Artwork by: Sougwen Chung

“Play Pencil Pimp!!” is what I kept yelling at the recent Sepalcure show in NYC, today they got Pitchfork’s Best New Music on their debut Self Titled album, we’ve supported their sound from the beginning, I couldn’t be happier for them, you can buy their LP here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Usually when you say Jose Gonzalez a girl in the room will scream and say “OMG I love him!” I do the same when someone says “its a Todd Terje edit of ______”. Blowing away the original is this edit, Todd you are a talent.

Always wanted to pick Evenings brains because I want to know if they were into IDM back in the day because they grab some great simple tricks from that genre that you don’t hear anywhere else.

Everyone needs a Star Slinger remix, he turns whatever you’ve done into a dancefloor bomb.

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Michel says:

November 23, 2011 at 6:19 am

Was at the Versatile 15th anniversary last saturday in Paris, and danced my ass-off on Todd Terje amazing mix.

I haven’t enjoyed a mix like that for a long time (last one was from Jazzanova in 2000) and Todd seems so reachable too.

Such a talent indeed.