Eton / Porsche P’9110

Posted by Scott

p9110bp9110 I posted a while back about the Porsche-designed Etón P’9120 clock radio but today we’ve got the 9120’s more utilitarian little brother, the P’9110. This hand-cranked emergency radio sports the usual fare: flashlight, siren, etc. but that’s where the similarities between this and that plastic Coleman you got at Target end. Once again Porsche has succeeded with a classic, functional design; clad in cast aluminum, the 9’9110 sports clean lines and color scheme to match. I am loving the tuning gear design, and the tuning wheel/chart design is wonderful.

Once again though, I could do without the cheap looking and poorly placed Etón logo. The top image is from the Porsche Design site who have wisely left out the logo in their press shots, so much cleaner. They have a shot of the 9120 sans-Etón logo up there as well which makes me wonder if you can buy these direct from Porsche instead of going through Etón and getting stuck with the extra branding? At $200 it’s more than a stretch for functionality that can easily be had for under $50, but can you really put a price on maintaining your design standards even during a disaster scenario?

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Scott says:

September 19, 2008 at 5:38 am

that’s why you buy two, so your friend can shine the flashlight on his radio at your radio. then you switch for like a half hour.