A Strangely Isolated Place: Traumbient

Posted by Jakub

When I started working at Ghostly International in the early 2000’s I quickly feel in love with all the promo albums that came from the label Traum. Everything was lush and sugary and catchy ambients atmosphere became a must. I felt like I had really connected with musicians that were making the music that I wanted to get out of my head. I realized they were making the soundtrack to what I loved to imagine about at the time which was pod homes, heavily carpeted sculptures that you can sit on, snowy cliff minimal homes, etc.

Thank you A Strangely Isolated Place for making this mix.

01. Iquinn – Fall [TRAUMCD08]
02. Broker/Dealer – Stormy [TRAUMCD07]
03. Miss Dinky – Nora [TRAUMV11]
04. Fantasias Animadas – Mike’s Road [TRAUMCD01]
05. Waki – Baikamo [TRAUMCD06]
06. Kubikov & Milutenko – Structure [TRAUM13]
07. Process – Room [TRAUMCD13]
08. Kubikov & Milutenko – Special Communication [TRAUM13]
09. Gustavo Lamas – Dulces [TRAUMCD02]
10. Leandro Fresco – Recordable [TRAUMCD01]
11. Yuxtapose – Sciex Elan [TRAUMCD01]
12. Oxtongue – Elba Life [TRAUMCD07]
13. Darmush – Rarpa [TRAUMCD11]
14. Max Cooper – Sea Of Sound (Ambient rework) [TRAUMV131]

Image by: Norik

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Jonny says:

July 21, 2011 at 3:36 pm

Never heard of any of this stuff but this is precisely what I’m after at the moment. Sounds like a simpler time. Thank you.