H. Williams+Beacon+S. Circles+Aeroplane

Posted by Jakub

Hype Williams is pure, its as simple as that. He makes music that most wouldn’t argue and start naming off artists he’s trying to be like, he doesn’t care what we think about it i’m sure, I feel like thats the best head space to be in right now for creating music.

Beacon is a Brooklyn duo that are heavily obsessed over visuals/videos and live performance, when I heard this song Rapture all I thought about was Underworld meets U2 Zooropa, 2 things I haven’t thought about in years.

I need a cut like this from Aeroplane, I thought they were going a little softy/pop on us, not too wild about the string choice but everything else is cosmic and has that drive to it.

When I read the description “…synth bounce anthems” as something that Sweden’s Sand Circles sound like I had to check it out.

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