Yamaha Comes Correct

Posted by Scott

After all the recent B&O bashing I thought I’d post something about a consumer A/V company dropping some proper ID.  Behold the latest from Yamaha, a SCD player and Amplifier. Clean clean clean, not black, not champagne, no LCD display on the Amp, looks like you could throw it from a moving vehicle and the CD wouldn’t skip. And are those wood end cheeks? Bravo…Way to keep it minimal.  More info over at engadget.

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frebro says:

October 25, 2007 at 3:30 am

Nice! Looks a little like my old Solid State radio that’s acuallty from the 70’s, only more sleek. I’d love some more tips on (affordable) hi-fi products in this style, because I desperately need a new sound system!


drew kora says:

October 25, 2007 at 5:54 am

Wow, this brings back memories of my dad’s old stereo receiver (had to be 70s-ish)…I forgot all about it. It had a silver face and nobs very similar to that…wow, a flood of memories of my dad listening to jazz as a kid that I haven’t thought of in years. Amazing. Thanks Scott.

….and yeah, it’s totally cool to see a company reprodcing the awesomeness of that era. You know what category of electronics has to be the most egregious in its design-offensiveness: Car stereos. They are all these curvy, ergo-splasticy contraptiosn with a mess of LED going on. I have seen only a handful in my life that are halfway decent and they were very expensive.