Fabric 13

Posted by Scott

Micro-House, Minimal, whatever you call it, Fabric 13 (named for the London nightclub) was my first proper introduction to a style which I’ve really come to appreciate for it’s stripped down compositions and attention to detail. I’m a self-confessed maximalist when it comes to my own music so I really admire the producers of this genre for building so much energy and emotion into these seemingly simplistic sonic landscapes. Geiger’s wonderful mix of I Think About You isn’t quite as restrained as Villalobos’ offering, but a similar ethic permeates both tracks. My only complaint is that Geiger’s mix gets cut short just as it seems to be hitting it’s stride, but I suppose that was the point, damned minimalists! Another stand-out track from Fabric 13 you may remember is Jackson’s mix of Run Into Flowers which I posted on a while back.

As for the cover, I’m not such a huge fan of the haphazard-collage / inexplicable-gaussian-blurring / drop-shadow look, and it doesn’t really speak to the vibe I’m getting from the music inside, but at least the type is well executed.

Heiko Voss – I Think About You (Geiger Mix)


Ricardo Villalobos– Easy Lee

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Mr eel says:

July 23, 2008 at 3:23 am

My touch-stone for minimal-house is Hypercity mixed by Andrew Weatheral. It’s a mix of 12″s from the Force Tracks label from ~2001.

It manages to sound delicate and crisp while still bumping along nicely.

It’s my favourite mix record and I recommend it heavily to everyone I can.


scott zeilenga says:

July 23, 2008 at 6:54 am

Yeah, kind of a weird cover. Don’t like it at all, especially set against the backdrop of the usual amazing covers you pull out for your posts.

The tracks are groovy though. I could never talk myself into releasing something this minimal. I would consider it unfinished and add another 35 elements to it.
I do totally dig the vox in the second track though.



Jeff Carvalho says:

July 30, 2008 at 12:49 pm

Although this is a great series, I would HIGHLY recommend IMMER 1 on Kompakt. Still one of the best introductions to minimal techno on Kompakt. 2002 release. Another would be Tobias Thomas (label head)’s Smallville.