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Emeralds head man Mark McGuire *insert baseball reference here* is on the right track to grabbing up a Best Of 2010 song on my end of the year list. Not only is this song a bubbly lush piece of work but there’s dynamics, it blooms when the distorted guitars hit, I want more.

I have no info on this collab besides posting plenty of Teen Daze on the blog. Part of me hesitates to say this but stripped down there is some Selected Ambient Works or early Ninja Tunes love on the instrumental that makes me smile.

This pulsating haze from Toujours grabbed my ear, very airy and DIY sounding, i’m not too fond of the vox it not gonna kill me listening to it.

The new Superpitcher LP is sublime, i’m posting Moon Fever, its kind of the lone wolf of the bunch but the mood is right, should of debuted on Pop Ambient.

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Jeff Cross says:

September 13, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Where can I buy Brain Storm? I probably missed the link here on your page. If I didn’t you should consider adding one.