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Posted by Jakub

Head Inc Business Cards
As i sit in front of my computer today i was separating business cards that i’ve recently received from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and new people i’ve met in New York. Maybe it’s just me and my fascination with plexiglass being used for almost anything but i thought these business cards by Head Inc. might be abit too much on the carrying them around side. I’d probably feel abit odd giving someone one of these too but they’re pretty beautiful in my opinion especially if you stack them on top of each other but i don’t see myself ever getting 2 of them anytime soon from anyone.

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marisa says:

June 11, 2008 at 7:23 am

I had a black plexiglass portfolio for my first two years of college. It was impressive, but heavy and got scratched easily. Plexiglass is awesome, but defeats itself when it comes to presentation purposes. C’est la vie.


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