Solvent: Shift Work Mix

Posted by Jakub

A selection of raw analog-synthesizer music, from noisy lo-fi industrial to melodic synthpop, courtesy of Ghostly’s resident expert on the subject Solvent.

Attack Warning Red” [excerpt] – Civil Defence Program
Entry” – November Növelet
Open & Shut” – Martial Canterel
Blank Clocks” – The Future
Riot Squad” – Vice Versa
Step in Time” – Psychic Youth
Rabies” – Naked Lunch
Speed” – Daily Fauli
F.U. Klaxon” – Beau Wanzer
The Tale of Bernie Woodstein” – Legowelt
Attack Warning Red” [transition] – Civil Defence Program
Wellengenerator” – Im Namen Des Volkes
Protect and Survive” – Civil Defence Program
Automation” – Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips
33a1” [edit] – John Bender
Television Set” – Television Set
Solarize” – The Rorschach Garden
U?berbeast” – Medio Mutante
It’s About Now” [excerpt] – Cabaret Voltaire


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Kyle says:

May 11, 2010 at 7:27 pm

I heard the first beep and got instant good vibes, I’ll give it a nice full listen over the next few days. I love synthy, lo-fi, industry everything. Thank you for the endless supply of music, great taste.


mark says:

May 14, 2010 at 11:19 pm

just want to say thank you for this great mix.
really like your aesthetic art and tycho!

greetings from germany…