Overnewsed but Uninformed

Posted by Alex

Overnewsed but Uninformed is a collection of infographics and by Stefan Bräutigam. When I first saw the title, I misread it thinking it said Overnewsed and Uniformed, which could also have made sense strangely enough. As it is, Stefan point is something we all can relate to: feeling overwhelmed with incoming “news” while actually learning nothing at all. At least that’s what I can gather, some may be lost in translation. Either way, the design is pretty brilliant.

via information aesthetics

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Berthold says:

May 26, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Fonts are serifa and simple.

Also, according to the website, this book is about explaining the way modern media communication works, explaining processes, ownerships, dependencies and recipient behaviour. It analyses the medial reaction to a Minneapolis bridge that collapsed, and explains in detail how these reactions may be verified, gauged and compared in order to help recipients orient themselves better in a modern media environment and who should be trusted.