Black Crows Nissan Cube

Posted by Scott

I’ve been up in Tahoe getting in a few days of skiing in before I hit the road and happened to come across some related reading. Black Crows make some very well designed skis (can’t speak to how they ride, I’m loyal to Armada) and now they make a well designed Cube. Nissan has partnered with the French ski maker to create these two special editions of Jakub’s favorite logo-shaped conveyance. The cars are interesting but the skis are the real story. I’m always complaining about the abysmal state of ski design these days but Black Crows have shown that there are still some people pushing the minimal vibe even in this age of x-treme-sports-informed maximalist design. The only problem is they’re too pretty to ride, I’d hang them on my wall though (see a couple pics below or check their site). Via We Heart

BTW: according to the EXIF on those shots they were taken with the GF1. Pretty nice, been thinking about getting something in that range (like the Canon G11 et al.) for traveling light. The shots below were shot with the mighty (yet inexplicably video-less) D700.

Ski images via Pixelcollector

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Matt Alcock says:

February 15, 2010 at 6:51 am

Scot I was musing over buying a set of these last week and thought about sending you some of the graphics as I was listening to tycho on the chairlifts of Morzine. First day back at work and I see you’ve posted about them already….. The park at Avoriaz is ace and loads of the kids were riding these! Loving the simple elgance of the grapics.


Aranovich says:

February 15, 2010 at 2:34 pm

I agree with capcha. I just got the GF1 and have been really happy with it. The G11 isn’t even close to the same league as the GF1 (eg you can fit 4.5 G11 sensors onto that of the GF1). There’s a big difference in the pocketability though– the G11 is more compact when turned off, as the lens stows inside the body. Other than that, it’s no contest.

I’ve also got an adapter to use my Leica M mount lenses with the GF1 which is a VERY nice thing.

and yeah, those skis are nice. as are the cubes. really into the yellow-tinted glass. reminds me of the pretty brown-tint glass available on the 1988 BMW M535i,