Radio Dept+Jaga Jazzist+The Orb+Jacaszek

Posted by Jakub

New album from The Radio Dept. called Clinging To A Scheme drops in March, the band has leaked one track, sounds really promising.

Yesterday Flying Lotus twittered that he loved the new Jaga Jazzist and also Psych-Electronic musician Calmer told me he’s beening listening to them a ton so I went out and bought their new album to find a stand out track to share with you and Book of Glass was a nice stand out track for me because of the drive and Stereolab like synth.

I recently did a Pop Ambient playlist on the blog of some of my favorite songs from each year of the 10 year old compilation and never really shared more about the compilation besides the other new song on Playlist #7 which was Brock Van Wey/BVDUBLest You Forget. I also have to share this track The Orb did which you may remember them from the Little Fluffy Clouds VW Beetle commercial.

My Polish countrymen Jacaszek definitely should have more songs on the blog then just this one, on this song Zal he does a magnificent and subtle job of cutting up piano parts and makes the piece a very interesting listen.

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Evan Scott says:

January 27, 2010 at 9:59 am

OK now I love Radio Dept. Have for years. But dude seriously needs to retire the phrase “against the tide” it is not only in 2 song titles but it’s also the name of an album and is in like 4 or 5 songs including this one.

All that aside, I’m very excited about the new album. Most Swedish pop has been falling short lately (for me anyway), let’s hope this one makes up for it.


AndresM says:

January 27, 2010 at 10:24 am

i don’t quite get why Radio Dept hits me so hard. I havn’t quite been addicted to a band since i first heard New Order in middle school. Its that same feeling with Radio Dept. weird huh?
Glad to hear some new Jaga jazzist. Even happier to hear that they havn’t changed style much. I mean it’s what, like 5 years? Where the hell have they been? I love that this track sounds like it might be off of Livingroom Hush or What We must. thats almost a 10 year span and they are still holding down the “Jaga Jazzist” sound.


Brian says:

January 27, 2010 at 11:59 am

Considering Radio Dept is one of my favorite bands, I’m not sure how I missed the leak from them. So thank you for posting this today. Sounds great, and I’m looking forward to the album, especially since they have repeatedly pushed back the release date.


Duncan says:

January 27, 2010 at 1:22 pm

Thanks for the heads up on The Orb track. I’m 99.9% sure it’s previously unreleased, so again thanks. The Orb can do no wrong, unless you’re talking about most of the tracks on Cydonia… ok and most of Bicycles & Tricycles… The Dream, and Okie Dokie, Orbsessions… ok so maybe every album after Orblivion sucks, but the rest were so good I don’t care.

And anyway what is the rush? There’s something peaceful in the air.

FYI if you have not heard Ambient Meditations 2, the track “It’s Warm on the Other Side” by Instinct, is good.