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White Rainbow
Today might be one of the finer selections in a while on the experimental/dense end, some real nice songs that should ride out all the way thru. I’ve only heard good things about Kranky’s one man show White Rainbow, glorious builds and thick lo-fi looping and nearly each song at 15 mins! just what I wanted, looks like Best Of ’09 candidate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

When I heard Tim Hecker + remix I was all over these, cold and airy yet soo appealing.

I just figured out the F*ck Buttons sound, i’m really glad they followed thru with a similar sound on this record, makes them more of a leader of this sound in my eyes.

I know some of you might not like this Vitalic sound but i’m hoping this record can knock Justice off their high horse, the production is really strong and I feel like Vitalic has some substance compared to Justice especially the other songs on the record, it might be clubby but the attention spent on certain sounds to make a party jump off puts a smile on my face.

White Rainbow – Tuesday Rollers and Strollers


Bell Orchestre – Water Light Shifts (Tim Hecker Remix)


F*ck Buttons – The Lisbon Maru


Vitalic – Poison Lips


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Bobby Chombo says:

October 23, 2009 at 5:54 pm

Good-god, that Fuck Buttons track is absolutely mind-bending. I don’t hear enough of this sort of music of this quality. Vitalic’s disco/’80s pop/tech mashup certainly works for me too..


Wziard says:

October 23, 2009 at 8:27 pm

Wow, I enjoyed these picks more than any from these posts in a long time (which is not to say I don’t enjoy the others; ISO50’s collective taste is excellent). Thanks!