Hans Gremmen

Posted by Alex

Assorted posters by Dutch designer Hans Gremmen. I love posters — like the first one — that are just PACKED with all sorts of information and data. Really gives the designer a chance to show off their typographic skills and hierarchic sensibilities. I especially enjoy the tendency for the asymmetrically balanced composition; really makes for that much more of an interesting poster.

Also worth noting is Gremmen’s portfolio site which randomly generates a selection of eight of his works. An interesting approach to be sure; I like the concept of an ever-changing front page, though it was a little tough to find the specific work I was looking for.

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Renoir says:

October 19, 2009 at 7:22 am

first time i see some dutch artwork/designs on this blog geheh. btw “Paradox – Tilburg” i live around the corner. Paradox is an awesome cafe. ^^