Posted by Scott

Thanks to Brian and City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs for hosting the show last night, it was a great time all around and I really enjoyed the space. Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you all had a good time. I didn’t bring my camera this time, but I will try and get some pictures from the night and post them soon.

Chicago is fast becoming one of my favorite cities, it’s always a great time out here and the people are always so warm and accommodating. You guys know how to do bars out here, San Francisco could learn a thing or two. We’re planning a show at Sonotheque so be on the look out for details, should be within the next couple months.

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Anjali from Iowa says:

February 25, 2008 at 7:41 pm

It was really nice meeting you on Saturday night…brilliant show
Come back to the midwest soon so I can pick your brain some more
And if you’re ever up for an interesting adventure, you could always come down to the little town of fairfield and make a lot of people very happy