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Guest Music Post: Jeff Bratton (Cascine)

Posted by Jakub

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We truly have a treat to start the weekend with a stunning playlist from Jeff Bratton the owner of Cascine the label that brings us Chad Valley, Selebrities, Jensen Sportag, etc. Enjoy.

Writing this from the car, driving from MD to NY with the good men of Double Duchess.
– Jeff Bratton

Tomas Barfod – ‘Broken Glass’
New track by Danish artist, Tomas Barfod. who’s better known for one of his other projects,
Whomadewho. This whole release is fantastic. It’s out soon on Friends of Friends, but reminds
me of golden-era Morr material – melodic, downtempo, indie/electronic stuff. Morr helped shape
my love of labels early on and this song takes me back to that.

Picture – ‘Heaven 7’
Picture is David from Sail a Whale. ‘Heaven 7’ embodies that sense of swelling epicness and
drama that he does so well. It was released on Look, The Embassy’s imprint, last year. We’re
currently working with David on a project for Cascine.

Bam Spacey – ‘Vintern jagar’
Love this track. Subtle, bubbling and optimistic. Bam Spacey is from Malmo and his debut EP is
newly out on Ceremony. As a listener, this song puts me exactly where I want to be this time of

Shine 2009 – ‘New Rules’ (Panther Hands Remix)
This remix has been on my machine since last summer, as we just never found the right place for
it. Panther Hands is Max from Selebrities, and he did this track without ever having the stems for
it. Great energy. Horn parts are a blast. Really fun stuff.

Cubenx – ‘Adrift at Sea’
A close friend in LA shared this album with me a couple weeks ago and I’ve been glued to it ever
since. Super diverse, yet super familiar. All types of influences at work on this release.

Bonus track
Mint – ‘I Don’t Kvetch’
I just spent a week at my mother’s apt in Annapolis, MD, and am feeling kinda sentimental from
the time at home. Classic, major key IDM like this has an important place in my musical history
– Mint’s music represents that for me, especially this track. It was made in 2009, but feels like
something from 2000.

Guest Music Post: Com Truise

Posted by Jakub

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In early May Datassette will hit us with ‘People Without Mouths.’ The 12″ EP will be available on Shipwrec records and the digital version will follow two weeks after with bonus tracks and a a remix by Ilkae. He was kind enough to share the track ‘Don’t’ with us, and it’s a smooth, tingly gem of a track. Sprinkled with vocal stabs and bent percussion. Really stoked on this EP, head over to for plenty of other goodies.

On my recent visit to Austin, TX I was lucky enough to catch Missions perform a set. He was surrounded by vintage equipment, a control center shrouded in synth. ‘Darrk/Blakk’ is the A-Side of his upcoming 7″ via Pau Wau Records. It sounds as what I assume an early 80s’ Depech Mode demo would sound like via a walkman running dangerously low on batteries. Haunting vocals seem to sit between towering walls of synthetic goo slowly dripping into your ears. Looking forward to more from Missions.

‘Don’t Open The Door’ from VHS Head was released on a Benefit Compilation for Japan on ICASEA. Contained within is the signature VHS Head sound. He is the master in mining the depths of pre-certification video. ‘Don’t Open The Door’ is a droopy eyed jam, it brings to mind the river of pink slime in Ghostbusters II, and what I might be like to slowly sink into that warm, murky mess. Quality track.

Innergaze just dropped their second LP ‘Mutual Dreaming‘ on Cititrax. Hailing from Brooklyn, this synth wielding duo pants a perfect picture of early dance music. ‘Is This Your Love?’ really had me floored upon first listen. It’s a slightly grey journey inward, highlighted by glittering arpeggios and synthetic stings. Topped off with vocal stabs that seem to pull you in and press you back out. ‘Mutual Dreaming’ will get some heavy rotation from me.

Music Provided By: Com Truise

Guest Music Post: Beacon

Posted by Jakub

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If you saw Tycho on tour last time in the US you saw our ambient R&B support Jacob & Tom of Beacon, I asked them to put together today’s playlist, would love some feedback, their No Body EP is out, they DJ tomorrow with Yeasayers at Cameo Gallery

Keyboard Kid$$$$$$
Producers without their counterparts have been dominating my speaker time lately. $$$$$$ off Keyboard Kids 2011 Video Games and Blunts mixtape is a stellar track full of his signature futuristic synths and dirt filled percussion. The chopped and pitched repetitive hook always seems to swell around in my head long after it finishes.

FilterwolfNocturne (Bodycode aka Portable remix)
I’ve been listening to so much Alan Abrahams AKA Portable AKA Bodycode lately. I love the way his baritone vocal harmonies in this remix become the warmest incantations, summoning love from some wandering spirit.

AyatohollaNAG Champa
This throwback keeps making it into my steady rotation. NAG Champa , the opening track off of Ayatoholla’s 2006 Now Playing, drops all the right sounds in all the right places. Its one of those loops I want to listen to for hours. With a perfect blend of soulful vocal samples, smooth drum work and swells of melodic strings its an example of a producer who gives only what is needed.

Blood OrangeChampagne Coast
The really special thing about this Blood Orange song is the way the slow funk groove in the beginning eventually opens into very triumphant love song of Koto patterns, warm synths and Devonte’s insistent vocal finish.

New Contributors: Hallwood & L Venter

Posted by Jakub

Scott and the rest of the ISO50 blog family are really excited to announce 2 new contributors this week: Seth Hardie and Luca Venter, we’re really looking forward to reading and seeing what they post since both guys are insane Instagramers and we feel like they fit in perfectly.

Seth Hardie designs websites at Lift Interactive. He is an avid photographer and spends as much time as possible in the forests of Alberta.

Instagram: @hallwood
Twitter: @therealhallwood

Luca Venter is a 16 year old photographer based in Denver, CO. I met him at the Denver Tycho show after we featured his Instagram photo on the blog. I definitely noticed right after researching everything he does that he has a solid vision and he probably has the best eyeglasses and shoes in all of Colorado. If you get a chance check out his website, he has great band photos which seem to be his cup of tea.

Instagram: @lucaventer
Twitter: @lucaventer

Guest Music Post: Tadd Mullinix

Posted by Jakub

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I’m happy to announce our latest Guest Music Post is by the very talented and respected Detroit musician Tadd Mullinix (Dabrye, James T. Cotton, SK-1). I remember having a CD player alarm clock years ago and i’d wake up to Tadd Mullinix – Minajor every morning for more than a year no joke, I wanted to remember every note. Recently I went into Encore Records in Ann Arbor, MI where Tadd works and asked him where the Dark Cello music was hoping he’d unveil magical classical music in which I know nothing about. Here are Tadd’s choices, the Michael William Gilbert song blew my face off, still gathering it off the floor:

1. Booker Ervin – Blues for You
When this one came into the record shop, it found its way to the turntable
immediately. As it played overhead I was struck by the group’s blazing,
unremitting pace.

2. Woo – A Complex Art
It appears to me that the music on this cassette came from a salubrious
spiritual function that took place somewhere in the new-age 90’s.

3. Michael William Gilbert – Phase
Private press. This comes from a gallant mind cradled by an electronic music
studio somewhere in Boston, MA. He wished to make his electronic compositions a “more human music, a fusion of synthesized, concrete, and instrumental sound.”

4. Severed Heads – Cowboy Muzak
My favorite works from them have balanced elements of repetition, fuzzy noise, and melodic basslines that usually support a crusty amalgam of dancing synth-lines and whip-crack percussion.

Guest Music Post: Roger O’Donnell

Posted by Jakub

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Roger O’Donnell is an English keyboardist best known for his work with The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, The Thompson Twins and Berlin. I’ve had the pleasure to see Roger play live in recent years, he’s definitely one of the main reasons why we fall in love with certain songs he wrote. Here are a few selections Roger was kind enough to share with us:

Efterklang – Mirador with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. A go to band for me when nothing else is worth listening to.

Herbie Hancock – Vein Melter, Herbie “the keeper of the keys” pure Fender Rhodes magic from my mentor.

Tortoise – High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In, musical over achievers yes but they are prepared to push it to the edge, inspirational.

Tonto’s Expanding Headband – Cybernaut, all Moog.. What more do you need?

The image is called “The Perfect Garden” by Philistine DSGN

Trish From Broadcast remembered by RAI

Posted by Jakub

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Rafael Anton Irisarri puts together a playlist for us of Broadcast’s Trish Keenan, very devastating news for all music lovers.

“Last week I was extremely saddened by Trish Keenan’s tragic, untimely death. She was a brilliant, talented artist and her music became a huge inspiration to me. I love the sound of her voice, it was absolutely fantastic. The first time I heard Broadcast, I thought everytime her parts would come in, it was the work of an angel.

When Jakub asked me do a guest spot on ISO50 this week, I couldn’t think of anything else but Broadcast. So, with that in mind, I went over my collection and selected my favorite songs from their catalog. It was supposed to be only 4 tracks, but what can I say, I really liked their music so I ended up using 14 tracks instead. I never got to meet Trish, but I feel very lucky to have discovered her music and at least gotten to know that aspect of her life.”

R.I.P. Trish

Guest Music Post: Baths

Posted by Jakub

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We’ve been rolling thru these Guest Music Posts this week, we will wrap the week up with a female focused post by Will Wiesenfeld aka Baths / Geotic, beautiful choice to start it off Will!

CocoRosieR.I.P. Burn Face
In CocoRosie’s bizarre pop aesthetic, they’re able to maintain this perfect level of darkness and experimentation
without it getting in the way of melody and songwriting. I’ve always been jealous of how effortless they make it seem.

BjörkSun In My Mouth (recomposed by Ensemble)
Ensemble (Oliver Alary) also produced the Björk song “Desired Constellation,” my favorite song of all time. This is another great collaboration by the two.

RobynHang With Me
Pop music perfected. Everyone alive should take notes.

Husky RescueBeautiful My Monster
My favorite song of last year. Coming from such a wonderfully gloomy album, this song serves as the light at the end of the tunnel.
It ties the record together beautifully.

Image by: Dieter Sayler