Dabrye+King Krule+Leisure+Little Dragon

Posted by Jakub

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Honestly one of my favorite things Dabrye has done, if Burial ever switched gears in his sound I think it goes something like this. Also, Dabrye is touring again after a long hiatus, here’s some dates:

11.09 Los Angeles, CA @ LOW END THEORY (DJ SET)
11.10 San Francisco, CA @ SOM BAR (DJ SET)
11.26 Manchester, UK @ THE ROADHOUSE

Too cool for school is the attitude i’m getting from King Krule which throws me off a bit but I can’t deny enjoying his music, there’s a remarkable fusion of cheap electronics meets 50’s slow pop.

Right around this time of year the Darker Pop seems to surface which i’m always a fan of, what I like about Leisure(how is this name not taken?? great name) and this might make me feel old but it reminds me of what I loved about a young U2.

My favorite song Little Dragon played live, its what I like to call a “merch song”, you put this kind of song at the end of your set and people will buy merch, its gorgeous, I even saw it used really well on a TV show the other night.

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Henno says:

November 10, 2011 at 4:48 am

This might be the best post ever! I listened to these tracks yesterday and I’m listening to the today and I’m sure I’ll give it a go the day after today. Thanks Jakub and thanks to the bands aswell.