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Bluebrain + P. Thomas + Weird Tapes + MCDE

Posted by Jakub

Bluebrain - Soft Power

This Bluebrain’s song takes a second to kick in, it has such unique production, vocals remind me a bit of TV On The Radio and the music makes me feel like how I felt after hearing The Dirty Projectors for the first time which they don’t sound the same at all but both album hit me off guard where the music wasn’t something i’d usually listen to but composition wise it was very fresh feeling and I wanted know if they could pull that feeling off thru the whole album.

This isn’t the only Prins Thomas song i’ll be posting from his new album thats for sure, I think it comes out next week in the US and i’m geeking over it. I think after the first few minutes in I wrote to him and said “epic! country space jams touching the disco gods” and thats a good thing in my mind.

Dayve Hawk aka Memory Cassette aka Memory Tapes aka Weird Tapes has recently made his way thru many of the cracks of sub genres and made a great name for himself which is well deserving since his music is top notch. I saw him open for Atlas Sound as Memory Tapes, he did his Memory Tapes sound really well plus added a hint of his disco-ish Weird Tapes sound into it all too, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you check his work out.

A long groover from Motor City Drum Ensemble, these keys could loop forever in my head and i’d never get sick of them.


Posted by Jakub

Powell - Boom Bap Catalog
All I want to hear during this Powell song is for someone to say “Here’s the Beat Konducta on the Blue Note Records…” just kidding, the man has some talent and a great ear, check him out on iTunes I also picked up Dimension X and Crystalisation from his catalog.

Another strong release by Mr. Paul White, the 4 track EP called The Punch Drummer just leaves you wanting more though, still a good way to spend $4.

4AD picks up another great UK group called The Big Pink that can bring the wall of sound but also can maybe help veer the hipsters crowd away from the Franz Ferdinand.

I had to post this Weird Tapes edit partially because I love the song but the Laserblast sync music video just puts it over the top.

Powell – Reflexion


Paul White – Synth March


The Big Pink – Dominos


Hail Social – No Paradise (Weird Tapes Edit)


Hail Social – No Paradise (Weird Tapes Edit) Video…Kinda