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Jacques Greene + Choi + CFCF + Washed Out

Posted by Jakub

Graphic by Yusuke Moritani

Graphic by Yusuke Moritani

I’m really into this Jacques Greene track, its definitely #1 on my “DJ Chart”, it has the beautiful and clarity of the more colorful material Four Tet might make. There’s no tricks and backflips trying to follow a trend, just a softer dance track.

Now for something more modular and shape shifting yet still structured in 4/4, Jin Choi starts off with a smokey swing cut that evolves into something you’d hear in a DJ Koze mix, in love.

I’m going to go deep with this CFCF album when it comes out, his style grabs my ear, always a perfect loner sound but instead of wanting to put on headphones I want to hear it in a cathedral sized cabin with huge windows overlooking an aggressive waterfall.

Last but not least, the first Washed Out single, i’m ready for the album, I think its going to feel honest and exciting but for a smaller crowd to share.