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HBO Intro Behind The Scenes

Posted by Scott

Awesome behind the scenes segment on the making of the 1980’s HBO intro. Every time I get frustrated with work I’ll think of this and remember how lucky we as creatives are to have modern tools. Although compare this to the digitally generated DVNO video. +1 for analog, again. I don’t know what amazes me more, that they achieved these effects with such limited technology, or that HBO was willing to go to such expense for an intro sequence.

Video Link

Oh, and the HBO Video logo for good measure…

Parisian Love

Posted by Alex

This was easily the best ad of the Super Bowl hands down. It was exciting to see Google’s first Super Bowl advertisement ever (and first TV ad period I think…though there may have been the odd commercial early on). Apparently “Parisian Love” as it’s called was available for viewing well before tonight as part of Google’s Search Stories. Anyway I found it refreshing and clever; a nice change from the rest of the nonsense.

On average I was very disappointed with the quality and originality of the ads. I was surprised how many concepts seemed to double up (not only that, but also play consecutively). Tackling was a surprisingly frequent punch line. Yawn. I think Super Bowl ads peaked sometime back in the late 90’s early 00’s. Cheers to Google for putting out something worthwhile.

Debbie Millman / Design Matters

Posted by Alex

Design Matters, the long running design radio show by Debbie Millman, is making the jump to the small screen. SVA is producing a TV version of the show and will be taping the pilot episode this Friday. The first two guests are Milton Glaser and Stefan Sagmeister. To top it all off, the show will be directed by the wonderful Hillman Curtis. I’m not sure where the end result will be available, but I’m sure those details will be revealed in the coming days. I’m hoping for the Thursday 8pm slot on NBC.

If you’re in New York, the taping is open to the public — more information can be found on the Facebook event site. Why don’t I live in New York. Sometimes I want to defollow all of the New York designers on Twitter because all these cool events make me jealous.

I recently met Debbie Millman when she was in town to give a talk at school. Her talk was terrific and I’ll try to do a short write up later this week after I go over my notes. I also participated in her workshop about visual storytelling, which she led having just released her new book. She had each of us write a short story, which she reviewed and then set us on our mission of illustrating the story using all sorts of fun tools. It was fun to write fiction — I’ve become rather used to this “blog style” of writing that I forgot there was a whole other way to go about things. (My story is here if you’re feeling adventurous.) The workshop was great — I love periodically going back to the drawing board, literally, and breaking out the pencils pens and crayons. It was also great to just let loose creatively with no rules, objectives, or criteria. Something I certainly don’t do enough.

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Brionvega Doney

Posted by Scott

I posted on the Brionvega TS522 portable radio a while back. Now here’s the perfect companion, the Brionvega Doney TV. It is, of course, way expensive (edit: apparently not, around $300 actually, thanks sean) and way hard to get a hold of. And if you’re looking for something even more future-retro, there’s also this concept (if that’s the remote laying there, I’m sold.

Here’s another shot of the TS522 for good measure…So Rams-esque:


Small Screen Titles

Posted by Scott

While they’re not quite as good as their big screen counterparts, some TV title sequences are starting to look a lot like what you’d expect from a feature film. Smashing Magazine has an article entitled “20 Brilliant TV Show Titles” featuring some of the better examples out there. My personal favorite has to be TrueBlood; the colors are incredible. Although none of them come close to beating Catch Me If you Can (although Mad Men tries valiantly), there certainly are some nice ones in the list. Link