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Trentemoller + H Chip + Lemonade + Estate

Posted by Jakub

What a rework by Trentemoller, only a true talent can keep the emotional tie to the original. This moody loop could go on for an hour and i’d not even think once to turn it off, perfect amounts of rhythm especially the last minute, I want an extended version, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

With Hot Chip members floating around doing their own thing you’d wonder if the quality is going to slip? it hasn’t and they’ve only bulked up there live presence with Flutes. The only issue is its stealing from the core of Kompakt, Areal and Border Community’s bread and butter from 5+ years ago.

A lot of music thats coming out these days that has romantic connection with the softer side of pop in the 80s is good but Lemonade seems to be doing it the best with their single Neptune, I hope they get the same or if not more love than the new Tanlines album.

Sometimes when bands leave off a song from an album you’d have your doubt on quality or consistency, with Real Estate I didn’t see that happening so when I grabbed up this b-side I wasn’t surprised to like it from start to finish. See for yourself……………told ya.