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Taken By Trees+Candy Claws+Sufjan+CFCF

Posted by Jakub

A select few songs by Taken By Trees have been a stand in for my Kings Of Convenience needs recently, attractive slow guitar and melody and a voice to hum along to.

There’s no rush in Candy Claws’ In the Deep Time, it as if Mum matured and worked with someone like Library Tapes.

Foxes In Fiction has been doing some covers lately and I had to share this one he did of Sufjan Stevens’ John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Just to change speeds since its Friday and I just posted 3 bedtime style tracks, here’s a new Nacho Lovers spin of CFCF off the new remix EP.


Posted by Jakub

The new Four Tet LP came out today, its a pretty massive album to come out for a January release which is usually a slow month to put out albums. I tried to describe the opening song to the album as its like an organic cover by The Field of Sally Shapiro if she was fronting a Dream Pop group instead of doing Disco.

Here’s a preview/leaked single of the upcoming Caribou LP that’s coming out in March, Dan Snaith is sounding like Erlend Oye here in sections, really nice and upbeat but has a lo-fi touch to it, I wonder what this will do for Caribou live?

Joy Orbison may only have his second EP out and seeing how much talk there was about him in 2009 he will definitely make an impact on 2010 if and when he drops his LP for everyone. Its a nice take on Dubby Techno with small reference’s of Burial meets Pepe Bradock.

Now we completely change gears with a Southwestern feeling song by Taken By Trees, I know its maybe filed under indie rock but I can see slow disco heads playing the the crap out of this song.