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Roach+Shed+Supreme Cuts+Throwing Snow

Posted by Jakub

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Concentration and noting the repetition aren’t the key points to listening to a song like this by Steve Roach. It honestly takes exercise for most people on this planet to enjoy it. Some people like body music, familiar structure and others don’t, the fans of this style aren’t synth connoisseurs like others think, for me its like my brain has taste buds and someone pouring maple syrup on my brain, no drugs involved. This kind of music is the closest you can get to an actually exhilarating journey without moving and its made by a person that cares about quality thru and thru, I truly believe if there was a study this kind of sound is addictive.

Shed releases his hybrid genre LP today, there’s actually a few songs I wanted to share but this one stuck with me, probably not the best representation of what the rest of the album sounds like but it spoke to me, full on glide mode. If you’re looking for the LP, its here.

One sound(the smashing kick with the claps) I don’t agree on with Supreme Cuts just because the unethical use of them in rave music that wasn’t good in the least bit but thats only 5% of the time. But this might the most humble and well done outro i’ve heard in a while, give the listener what they are use to hearing at the end while it fades out, sequence wise i’m impressed and I really like the song as a whole.

Throwing Snow keeps making best music at the highest bpm that is head noddy but never screaming for my attention.