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Beacon + Washed Out + Pioulard + Silent

Posted by Jakub

Beacon’s rework of this Bear In Heaven single is jaw dropping, it really opens up nicely, early Sade levels going on then blossoms out of the darkness. Download it here.

What a perfect pairing this remix worked out to be, Washed Out should be doing more work like this, its a perfect step in a different direction, so damn impressed.

I hear that Benoît Pioulard has finished an album, I hope its something like this, he has such a good ear for the most delicate adjustments in his sounds, they sit perfectly in the mix like a delicate blow on thin linen curtains.

Only in my dreams I can picture djing to a dancefloor that wants a deep dubbed out techno set, Silent Servant makes the tracks that fulfill that setlist, its that entrancing moment where all the sounds start to align and then you notice the small flutters that are rewarding and I don’t even take any drugs.