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Machinedrum+Samiyam+S. Glitters+Rustie

Posted by Jakub

It’s an all beat post! these 4 musicians i’ve loved and have all been suggested to me atleast once this week(it’s only Wednesday) so I put them all together in a more focused sounding playlist.

Machinedrum put together a very cohesive album for Planet Mu, it came at a great time and the style is back to what I feel like Travis has loved since I first met him years ago, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Ann Arbor hometown hero / Flying Lotus‘ beat partner comes with a raw collection of beats/ideas, whats attractive about it is that its not trying to ever be flashy or be something that its not. I picked Pressure from the album because I LOVE the synth line at 0:31.

Sun Glitters has 10 releases on bandcamp, now thats a musician thats really taking advantage of the tools out there for musicians that don’t have a home. If you ever wanted Flying Lotus to do a simple cover of Slowdive then this track is for you. Support his music here.

Warp just released a small peek into the Rustie album thats coming in October, sounds like he’s settled down a bit which gets me excited.

Art above by: Joe Nigel Coleman