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Moroder+Pilooski+Hercules+Float. Points

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Sometimes I like to make sure some of you haven’t missed underground classics in the synth world and also edits. This is my favorite track by Giorgio Moroder by far, I always wanted a 9 min version of To The Bridge and I thought that person should of been Pilooski. As for this edit of Del Shannon, Pilooski kills it with this stomping reinterpretation which will go down as one of the best edits in my mind, I couldn’t imagine a dance floor that wouldn’t enjoy it.

I haven’t heard new production from Hercules And Love Affair in a while now, I saw a mix recently but thats about it, I went back and noticed I really wore that LP down, I loved listening to it. Here’s a remix they did and here’s something that might just leave me alone in the dark but i’ll try and see any of you agree, did anyone play Streets Of Rage 2 on the Sega Genesis? well there is this swamp level and the boss for that level I swear sounds like the sample at the beginning of this song, anyone hear it? no biggie if you don’t hah

I like to check Pitchfork daily no matter how much right or wrong that people might think they do they definitely are very up to the minute and have their fingers in everything. Today they gave this unique Floating Points house track an 8 out of 10! it was soo nice to see, an 8 for something that i’d never think that they’d post about, it just made me happy that’s all.

Mux Mool+Lusine+Sleigh Bells+Comeme

Posted by Jakub

Mux Mool - Lady Linda
Mux Mool just dropped his new single this week called Lady Linda which features 2 tracks from his upcoming LP Skulltaste on Ghostly International coming to us in March 2010. If you like what he did for Adult Swim or his Drum EP then this track has a mixture of that with hints of fantasy video game music specifically Zelda for the Nintendo 64 with a hip hop wobble.

With Lusine’s recent remix of Tycho’s Coastal Brake becoming played so often here at home I decided I needed to up my back catalog of some of his older releases. I have so many favorite tracks of his but I felt Risa was a nice replacement for a 5 hour energy drink on this hectic Monday.

…okay get ready, this might be the rowdiest track i’ve ever posted on ISO50 but its soo soo good, it puts Diplo and MIA deeper in the old news section of Spin and Billboard. Sleigh Bells will take over Brooklyn any second now, I can already feel the rumbling.

Matias Aguayo had a great 2009, his label Cómeme is one of the more forward thinking labels that are taking chances out there. I looked at his style and I always think of Weekend At Bernie’s clothing and that color palette from the VHS cover art meets maybe what Ibiza was in the early 90’s maybe thats because the intro to this song reminds me of Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic.

Bullion – Mixed Up In Love II

Posted by Jakub

Artwork by Alex Cornell

Artwork by Alex Cornell

Bullion is debuting tonight in the US in New York and tomorrow in Los Angeles at Low End Theory, definitely worth checking him out, here is some more info on the DJ/Producer at Turntable Lab.

Aug 11 2009 – 11:00P Plan B – New York, US w/ Pilooski, In Flagranti
Aug 12 2009 – 11:00P Low End Theory – Los Angeles, US

Free Spirits Intro
Sweet And Innocent – Express Your Love
Iron Butterfly – It Must Be Love
The Moody Blues – I Don’t Mind
The Manhattans – Follow Your Heart
Birtha – Feeling Lonely
The Bee Gees – To Love Somebody
ELO – Telephone Line
Joni Mitchell – Solid Love
The Four Tops – Still Water (LOVE)
Let’s Kiss Blonde Coeds Interlude
Adrian Baker – Is This Love
Ned Doheny – A Love Of Your Own
Tony Grey – She’s My Love
The Koobas – Woe Is It Love My Dear?
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – More Love
Free Spirits Outro


Bullion – Mixed Up In Love II