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Childhood memory of songs from my mom

Posted by Jakub

I always try to figure out why I listen to soo much music that has a soft flow to it, then I think about what songs I wanted to hear the most out of my mom’s music collection. She always seemed to have these great low key parties with close friends when we came to the States, I remember just laying there in the dark with the light and sounds coming from the cracked door, the tone was perfect, especially an uninterrupted front to back listen of The Police.

I really didn’t get to hear any Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Fleetwood Mac, etc that I can remember, some would say I missed out but its okay with me, I just wanted to thank my mom real quick ha! it was mostly this. Maybe because we came from Poland and this is what was popular in the mid 80’s-early 90’s? What did your parents love that just gets you every time still? I’m not going to lie I think my play count of early Sting is in the 100’s on iTunes. On a side note on this Enya song, make fun of it all you want BUT what production, its maybe cheesy for most but thinking of it as a new song i’d be really impressed from a solo artist to get this sound out of them.