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Phaseone Mix: Realest Sh*t I Ever Wrote

Posted by Jakub

One of the best tracklistings and mixes i’ve seen and heard in a while is this one from St. Louis’ Phaseone that Pitchfork posted yesterday, download it here. Check the tracklist out to see if your interested, i’m sure many of you will be very pleased:

Slowdive – Miranda
Curren$y – I’m just dope
Aphex Twin – Fingerbib
Nite Jewel – Want you back (phaseone remix)
Lukid – Hair of the dog
Talking Heads – Listening wind
Tricky – Bad dream
Polanski – punked out
J Dilla – Oxtopus boom boom
Falty DL – Made me feel so right
James Pants – Shower party
Fleetwood Mac – Isn’t it midnight
Teebs – Humming birds
Actress vs. Zomby – Aazz2
Phaseone – Sandra

* Note that the photo above is unrelated.