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Nueva Forma Bandcamp Exploration

Posted by Jakub

Nueva Forma is an audiovisual record label, comprised of sound-makers, designers, and ever-evolving digerati.

We’ve always been supporters of Nueva Forma since the first time Shelby shared their mixes on the blog, this morning I went thru their bandcamp which is easy to click around in and explore their catalog. If you liked those free mixes then you’ll sure into the vast collection of talented artists they have.

Nueva Forma Listening Pleasures

Nueva Forma has graciously allowed me to post these Listening Pleasures here for you guys. They have captivated me for the last month when stumbling upon them. Prior to this post I’ve also posted mixes 1-8 on Wanken with the track listing for each.

Each month Nueva Forma creates one of these mixes featuring artists from their own label and also guest artists whom they feel fit. The mixes are presented as podcasts and can be downloaded from the website. Each is around an hour or so in length. So sit back and enjoy the wonderful listening pleasures brought to us courtesy of Nueva Forma.