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SVIIB + Matthew Dear + Willits + Noveller

Posted by Jakub

I remember when I first heard Dust Devil by School Of Seven Bells, I wanted to share it with everyone and have it on repeat. The synth line is driving and full like a proper synth pop melody should be these days. The girls sound powerful and untouchable to their surrounding counterparts in the music world. The record is out now and comes with remixes from Mux Mool and The Sight Below for less than $8 on iTunes.

Below is a video that shares some of the highlights of this groundbreaking Matthew Dear album that’s coming together, I can’t put my finger on the sound and that gets me excited. The record touches on a tempo and soundscape that is unlike anything being done right now, check this song that was just leaked the other day.

Oh Willits…you are one of the kings of controlling glitch with guitar making it a beautiful thing, never stop, your sound is perfect for any journey in life.

Noveller has my complete attention when she plays live, she brings an array of pedals for her guitars and slowly entrances you into a stare while you listen.

Matthew Dear – Black City Teaser from Ghostly International on Vimeo.


Posted by Jakub

2 of the most talented unsigned bands right now I know are ARMS and Perfume Genius, both cover their respective sounds in very graceful ways. ARMS has plenty of excitement coming from each track that will hopefully kick off a few outdoor parties with friends this summer, preferably at a summer cabin by the lake. Todd puts the right amount of drive behind Emily Sue Pt. 2, it excites me the same way as when I first heard Broken Social Scene. If you like it then you should definitely download it here for FREE, the band is giving away their EP today as a nice prep for SXSW.

Perfume Genius touches on a Red House Painters sadness, really tells a story nicely though. You see songs like this don’t make it to the radio and I don’t get why, so much more there to enjoy that has character over someone else writing a song like this thats in a professional studio with the best equipment ever surrounding them.

The Sight Below makes beauty and misery work on a pristine level, he makes a grey day rich and a loner feel powerful I bet. If you’re a high end dark art boutique and don’t have this playing in the store then you might as well be selling rainbows and playing Lady Gaga club mixes.

When I saw Noveller play last month I was very impressed not only by her sound but how she creates it on stage, she has more pedals than some girls have shoes and gently loops her sound while playing her 2 guitars with bows, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SEEING LIVE.