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Posted by Scott

Modern Publicity 40 – 1970-71
Modern Publicity 40 – 1970-71-fd0000
Modern Publicity 42 – 1972-73-fd0008
Modern Publicity 40 – 1970-71-fd0010
Modern Publicity 40 – 1970-71-fd0009
Modern Publicity 40 – 1970-71-fd0008
Modern Publicity 40 – 1970-71-fd0006
Insect54 has a great Flickr set of 70’s and 80’s Modern Publicity issues. Still waiting to find a stack of something like this in an old closet or at a garage sale, not holding my breath. Where do you find stuff like this anyways? I suppose at this point it’s down to going to shows and swap meets, I doubt there are many gems like this just floating around anymore.

Published Annually by Studio VIsta. Showcasing the best work submitted by designers from around the world.

Shown here are:
Number 40 –– 1970/71
Number 42 –– 1972/73
Number 50 –– 1981