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BestCoast+GoldenAges+M. Tapes+HighWolf

Posted by Jakub

This song by Best Coast has more pop like lyrics than any other song we’ve probably posted but the song still grabbed me, its short and catchy, its one of those songs that the way it was recorded makes it appealing.

I can’t even find Golden Ages myspace, there are too many bands named that I guess, I heard he’s only 20, so much young talent these days, I can hardly keep track.

I imagine Crystal Castles will have a ton of remixes spewing out over the next 9 months, I think this one will hold up as the best just because of the second half.

Here is more High Wolf to relax too, definitely some calming and hypnotic loveliness.

Below is a new video for Com Truise’s Iwywaw, I love everything about it.


Posted by Jakub

I missed seeing the Warm Ghost play the other night with School Of Seven Bells but luckily a friend turned me onto them via the magical internet. The lo-fi wobbly piano part is beautiful especially when its accompanied by the vox and it comes together like if The Doves did something with a Tom Waits that hits high notes. If you like this then you should check out their EP.

I can’t believe i’ve never shared any Ashra on here, this stuff is pretty much what i’d try to make if someone gave me a room of synths but i’d probably go even more New Age with it and obliviously i’d grow a ponytail as well.

One guy that’s holding down the Detroit sound is Black Milk, since he was like 18 people in Michigan swore he was going to be amazing, this track shows that he’s pretty damn amazing in my book, don’t miss the last 20 seconds either.

I know i’ve already post this song on the blog but here’s the video for Bicycle by Memory Tapes.