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Remixes Upon Remixes For You + The Field

Posted by Jakub

A true heap of remixes are raining over this summer, this one from Four Tet who never fails us, I heard he went to school with Hot Chip, is this true? anyway this one is pretty stripped down and direct. Matthew Dear preps his album release by dropping a Poolside remix of his recent single Her Fantasy, the edit is laid back and defines their “daytime disco” personas. Fort Romeau ramps up the tempo on Picture’s debut on Cascine, the dub edit has a hint of more upbeat than i’d expect, definitely feeling house piano. I’m not sure if this Hatchback mix of Grovesnor ever made it to vinyl but its at summer jam level once you get comfortable with Grovesnor voice, its almost reaching this slow electro Rod Stewart feel, thats kind of impressive.

I have been trying to catch The Field live for years I think, sadly this is the closet i’ve gotten, totally love it, I thought I wouldn’t like the drummer but I was dead wrong.