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Lone + Wisp + RxGibbs + Four Tet

Posted by Jakub

Tropical Space Juke? i’m not sure what to call it…does it matter though, the man cares about melody and unique direction and split for upbeat relaxation and dancefloor, pre-order this 2LP its going to be one that you’ll revisit plenty this summer.

I should be suggesting more Soundcloud accounts to follow, the top of my list has to be Wisp, this track below is just the tip of what this man does, not one idea Reid Dunn has had has ever bored me.

RxGibbs is keeping me still interested in the hazy wave of ethereal dream pop, its hard to hate something this charming.

This Four Tet cover of Black Sabbath will bring some people back and some others even further back, this is Rounds era.