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C. Truise + J. Jazzist + J. Maus + M. Vareid

Posted by Jakub

If you’re a Com Truise fan or a lover of synth music on vinyl then you’ll be happy to hear Seth Haley has 3 releases coming to vinyl this summer, his debut EP Cyanide Sisters, Galactic Melt Redux and a collection of B Sides called In Decay.

Under artists it says “Mungolian Jetset presents Jaga Jazzist vs. Knights Of Jumungus” i’ve only heard of Jaga Jazzist and that being said this is probably my favorite Jaga Jazzist song i’ve ever heard especially at 1:50 and on. So now i’m guessing its time to start digging up more about these other 2 groups for more loveliness.

Every John Maus song that leaks will be posted on this blog, its my goal, here’s a new one from 2007 on the upcoming B side release. If you get a chance order the limited run of pink vinyl and support this man genius.

Waiting for this new Marius Våreid track to drop, its a must own for what I love to hear on a dancefloor, that perfect marriage or drive and build at a pace that makes me just smirk with happiness.