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Carlos Serrao

Posted by Navis

I know I’m a little late on this post since the 2014 Winter Olympics have ended but that doesn’t mean that these images from photographer Carlos Serrao aren’t badass. I’m really loving the ultra simple approach to these images that showcase each individual sport’s iconic form in action. If you’re not familiar with Carlos’ work, check out his website and, chances are, you’ll see an image on there you have seen before. The swimmer’s series is simply awesome.

Heads of State / Travel Posters

Posted by Alex

Great new series of posters by the Heads of State. I love the colors! (Vaguely reminiscent of the 826LA Time Travel series, with less type or floating people…) I wish travel agencies packed their walls with anything nearly this cool looking. I might actually decide to go somewhere based on the poster — as opposed to questioning my travel plans as I stare at a 1980’s US Air sponsored photograph of “Miami”.

Don’t forget their Legal Weed packaging too. Hilarious stuff. The Travel series is available for purchase here.