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Posted by Jakub

The beat world is getting speedy like 150-170 bpm sometimes. You can definitely make it sound good, there’s a few that come to mind like Machinedrum, Africa Hitech, Braille etc. You can add iTAL tEK to that list too, he makes it work, not out of trend but within the style he’s working in.

I’m obsessed over this Airbird(half of Ford & Lopatin) cut, I wish all audiobooks sounded like this.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Black Marble really surprised me this morning, I found myself not being able to stop looping it, just hooky, like if Tanlines & John Maus relaxed and had to do a outro for a soundtrack.

If you follow vinyl only label Golf Channel you’ll be happy to hear they are moving into the digital world exclusively via Juno Download. I personally love their edit 12’s this one especially by Try To Find Me.