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800Beloved+Nice Nice+Efdemin+Bell Hollow

Posted by Jakub

800Beloved‘s sophomore LP Everything Purple has matured leaps and bounds when it comes to an album flowing as a whole, Bouquet the debut album had many great tracks that I still listen to today yet didn’t have the tracklist that this LP(stream it in full here) has. As a constant listener of new post rock I feel like this LP has more depth than most these days with Sean Lynch literally living the lifestyle of what this album sounds like. I’ve been to his place each item you pick up has some kind of meaning and ties into this record somehow from his 14th Century Transylvanian casket in the living room to the J Crew catalog on the coffee table. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

If someone came up to me and told me: “I made this record and it sounds like about 100 instruments are looping” i’d be skeptical to think the album was any good but Warp‘s new signing Nice Nice makes it happen and makes it sound like its easy to do. Beautiful rhythms make this song one of kind and never do I feel like the song is out of their hands, super impressed with this.

Ever since I started making 4/4 material as early as 2002 I always wanted to make a song that gave off the same feeling like this Efdemin track. The key moment is the signature tone at 1:03, when it drops in you know its a Dial record, the air becomes warm around you and you’ve distanced yourself from everything in your peripheral vision, well at least that’s what its like for me.

Have you ever wanted a post rock song instrumental? well I think this Bell Hollow would be on my list, I just don’t know what to enjoy about the vocals yet the guitars and synth is really on point so I keep listening.