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18KAffair+John Maus+H. Williams+Ducktails

Posted by Jakub

18 Carat Affair’s Bitter Turns To Sugar is a short serenade that made me question who might be the most unique lo-fi musician these days, he has this authentic sincere haunting touch, grab this track for free.

I had to hold myself back from posting more than just one song from John Maus’ We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves album, soo many great songs on this album, loving the melody on this one, pick it up if you can.

I will keep posting Hype Williams on ISO50 until he hits 50k fans on facebook which I hope is never but if it helps him out then I hope it does happen. Part of me hears a Kraftwerk sample, its very short, whatever its reused perfectly.

Ducktails has a new EP Killin’ The Vibe, here’s the new single that features Panda Bear.