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Electric DeLorean

Posted by Scott

I’m posting this partly because there was one parked outside my house on Monday and partly because you can’t have grown up during the 80’s without lusting after these things (but I’m guessing all designers, regardless of age, have at least a passing interest in the aesthetics of this car). Gizmodo reports that an Italian team has converted a DeLorean DMC-12 to run on lithium-ion batteries. Sounds like fun but I think I’d rather just buy a new one.

Source Gizmodo

Keep Shelly+Deerhunter+Tennis+Delorean

Posted by Jakub

If I ran a radio program then Keep Shelly In Athens would be played every hour like a brand new Missy Elliot single on a top 40 station. The synth work should be up everyone’s alley and vocal is brave and refreshing.

Any Bradford Cox fan is going to be excited about this announcement of a leaked single from Deerhunter’s new LP that is coming in September. Time after time these guys nail it, they should be sitting where bands like The Decemberists and Apples In Stereo sit as staple acts for this generation in “indie” music.

It took me a few songs to warm up to Tennis, the first few didn’t grab me as much as this song did, maybe its the Stereolab memories this song brings back that made me melt, loving the singing style, makes me want to meet the lovely lady that sings in the group.

Delorean doesn’t get enough credit for what they do, they literally are keeping that Passion Pit/MGMT sound afloat in my book, they keep that indie party sound attractive.


Posted by Jakub

Sometimes its a challenge to post 4 songs you absolutely like every day, like today all I wanted to do was post this amazing Ducktails track which you can preorder the 7″ here. The track just seemed enough, its perfect for a Monday morning headphone getaway.

I also wanted to share this Delorean’s track which is what I put on when I want to pretend the new MGMT record is good because these guys did a better record that will probably hit the same crowd hopefully plus Delorean has a great House music meets tropical thing going.

I have to also include the highly leaked Crystal Castles LP single that is pretty much on every blog, I love the single Doe Deer but its abit rowdy for a Monday morning so this track will be a good preview I guess, its a bit pop for my taste though, like some kind of Little Boots throw away track.

I want to end this on a high note which is this Laid Back track, if you’re a wedding DJ and feel soulless then drop this.