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Daphni+Future Unlimited+Trago+Poolside

Posted by Jakub

Daphni seems to be taking the front seat ever since Caribou got of the tour curcuit, the organic sample based material seems to be turning into darker bangers at higher tempos, i’m really into but i’m not sure how others are feeling, the listeners that expect precious Caribou sugariness.

Its like digging thru my old disco house records, Bob Sinclair jazzercise samples with full on disco strings, the tambourine has never been mixed louder with that the release cut out completely, Tom Trago I hope you know your history though, good dance floor cut.

Nashville is quickly releasing a handful of 80’s flashback artists, i’ve found 3 good ones in the past couple months, I don’t know if it was the Drive Soundtrack or Cut Copy just reached Middle America, I really adore this one from Future Unlimited.

NPR just stamped this on LA’s Daytime Disco duo Poolside with: “one of the most played albums at the station for almost a month now”