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Posted by Jakub

A new Casino Versus Japan was recently released on Freescha’s Attacknine label, I looped this interlude about 15 times the other night, it made falling asleep easier than ever, such a rich sound.

One of the most underrated Warp artists has to be Gravenhurst, She Dances veers off into more of a darker tone that’s less folk which I know them for and its more like early Broadcast with a hint of Pavement like guitars.

Time for crowd friendly indie, a youthful pick me up and Sister Crayon is the band behind it.

I’ve only heard 2 songs by Keepaway, both have been impressive and so was their live show, again there is the Animal Collective comparisons in the sound but they wear them proudly i’m sure. I do really enjoy the way these guys sing “and I got 5 rings” i’ve been saying it over and over all weekend long.