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Braille+Foxes In Fiction+Quantec+Onra

Posted by Jakub

We’re happy to be able to share this new track from Braille aka Sepalcure/Praveen, i’ve been trying to follow all the Braille material, it grabs my ear soo quickly. Its honestly that perfect blend that brings elements of what I love in tribal/house to the dancefloor in less of a world music way but more in a everyone is invited to enjoy it way, support by purchasing it here

Foxes In Fiction just leaked his live version of Jimi Bleachball, a definite favorite last year, grab it here for free from his tumblr.

I’m a sucker for most Quantec tracks, once i’m a couple minutes in, it becomes THE sound that I want to hear for the rest of the day. You should grab up some of his music and make a playlist for tonight.

New Onra and its longer than 3 minutes? don’t write it off this has potential, its riding a thin line of Easy Listening but with the Onra touch, some might call this dated but i’m calling it skillful, really impressed even though I don’t have much experience in knowing this sounds history.