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Beirut+10CC+Peter Broderick+Erlend Oye

Posted by Jakub

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Put together a few Valentines Day songs together for any mood, I personally have always loved that Beirut song, enjoy love birds and for us single folk throw down that 10cc with some nice Brandy.

TED Behind the Scenes

Posted by Alex

I am headed to the TED conference this year and am unbelievably excited. I’ve been addicted to the talks for the better part of the last three years. My absolute favorite has always been Sir Ken Robinson’s discussion on creativity in education. I was excited to find the two videos above, the first of which shows a behind the scenes of Sir Ken’s talk, as well as the conference in general. A pretty cool peak into the workings of this amazing event.


Posted by Jakub

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This Brooklyn duo is at it again, bringing Dub and background R+B vocals together into one blissful cruise. One thing I noticed when I listen to Sepalcure is that it makes me so happy especially Your Love, every wash of soft noise feels like a breeze hitting you while you fish off the coast of Greece with the sun blaring down on you.

This Chad Valley song will be my theme song for the summer, soo much swagger in the bass line , makes me want to lower my sunglasses to check out a girls booty. If we can’t dance to this then we all have a problem.

I’ve posted some of my favorite Dark Party tracks earlier last year but I keep going back to their album for the impressive synth work.

Belong is doing vocals! along with their dirty swirling guitar that sound like their under mud, I want 10…20 more songs like this.

Cover Art by: Sougwen Chung

Hoerboard Scomber Mix

The Hoerboard Scomber Mix is designed to be a all-in-one dj workstation. The power cords are hidden in the laser-cut powder-coated steel stand. The Scomber Mix actually comes in an array of colors in either matte or glossy finish. It definitely reminds me of the stand for Apple monitors.

The idea of this seems cool and could possibly be useful, but with that said I’m curious what are your thoughts on it?

Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2011

Posted by Jakub

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For the readers that come here for the design mostly then your mind must = blown after seeing the album art for Pop Ambient 2011. I personally love the color scheme and subject but hey… font wise and pixelated cutout background might be causing small paper cuts on some readers brains. If I remember correctly the designer of the 11 year series is no other than Mr. Kompakt himself aka Wolfgang Voigt aka Gas which in my mind he’s allowed to do anything he wishes. If he wants puppies in santa hats in July then we do puppies in santa hats and we do it the way he wants it but I do truly admire the consistent flower theme that he has stuck with, its a brand now and I respect it and buy it every year.

Now for the music, I selected 4 cuts from the compilation, I know this weeks playlists have been super ambient and I was committed to breaking up that streak today but I couldn’t hold off, this compilation is sprinkled with stunning moments.

I’ll start off with what floors me, I mean honestly makes my jaw hit my desk then slams to the ground and goes thru the floor and hits my downstairs neighbor in the face, it’s San Fran’s Bvdub. Bare with me here, if there are angels in heaven and they play music I could see them hearing this song and thinking they haven’t written anything as beautiful as this, there, thats out there now.

Now we go to the music scholar in my mind who goes under the name Marsen Jules, everything by him is made with so much care, the releases are perfectly timed and the atmosphere is dialed in with such precision, a proud moment for modern classical / experimental music.

If you come to the blog often for music then you’ll see me post a ton on Mr. Fehlmann, the man is a genius when it comes to gentle dance music and could make a sample of a baby crying thats playing with fireworks sound like something you could fall asleep too, don’t take my ideas, I might try and make that happen.

The more unknown project here is Bhutan Tiger Rescue, it starts off like what most people would describe as a lullaby but then bells, a sliding bass guitar line and flutes gently crawl in and within moments you’re rocked into a very calm state.

If you pick up Pop Ambient 2011, I highly recommend you grab the vinyl from Kompakt directly, that label has done soo much to inspire new musicians I prefer to support them that way.


Posted by Jakub

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With the big electronic goth movement happening here in NYC comes some pros and cons, one definite pro that has come from it is the music, nothing has grabbed me more than this oOoOO remix, this could have been on the last Telefon Tel Aviv album and I wouldn’t have blinked twice, pretty perfect sounding.

I always get super giddy for new Tim Hecker, I can close my door to my room and let his songs fill my room, its always an experience like walking thru a hurricane at night.

If you want to take it up a notch on the noisy ambience listening I highly suggest someone like Yellow Swans, alil more harsh but so rewarding.

I’ve really never done this but I finished a small EP last week under the name Heathered Pearls and made it available for free to download,its very loop based with hints of subtle changes and meditative i’d say, hope you enjoy.