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IBM System Photography

Came across these really great shots via Colorcubic’s Flickr. The images were taken for an IBM catalog in 1964. Take note of the great compositions and use of bokeh in the first image. Not sure that IBM would let that fly nowadays. Also, the super warmth and contrast of the film really make those panel interfaces look stunning.

Seeing these images in spread form would be interesting. Rather curious whether or not the designer overlaid the type on them or if the images stood alone. In some IBM ads, it appears that type was both on and off the images.

Chillout Sessions

Posted by Alex

Both of these little worlds are part of the artwork created for the most recent Chillout Sessions: a compilation disc series put together by the Ministry of Sound Australia. The diorama-like concept was developed by Collider (design by Andrew van der Westhuyzen and cinematography by Brycen Horne). They decided to switch up the packaging after the first 10 discs:

The new Sessions concept involves miniature ‘worlds’ literally creating a package holiday that has both escapism and a sense of humour. [link]

I want to shrink down to size and move into one of these miniature worlds. As a concept I LOVE this. It was executed exceptionally well; from the world construction to the photography, this is a concept pulled off in every sense. Be sure to check out the video version of each: XII XI

Kompakt presents: TOTAL 11

Posted by Jakub

Here it is for all you long time Kompakt fans, Total 11, I’ve been waiting for this for awhile now. It’s a solid listen, I grabbed 4 tracks that really stuck with me. First, The Field melts your mind with sugary psychedelic layered synth work thats mechanical and hypnotic while Justus Kohncke goes more with a disco meets Junior Boys approach. Michael Mayer goes abit downtempo with it, a little more safe and nothing like his old hit Speaker which some of you might remember. The real experimenter here is Mr. Voigt aka Gas, I imagine this flying as Stiff German Pop in 2065, he calls on the Matias Aguayo spirits to help with the vocals. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Porsche Museum

Posted by Scott

The Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, Germany is nothing short of mind blowing. The ultra-clean, super-minimal building houses over 80 exhibits chronicling the auto-maker’s rise to prominence. The whole thing leans pretty futuristic, would have liked to have seen a few classic cues here and there, but I’m certainly not complaining. Has anyone been yet? Looks like a must-see if you’re anywhere near Stuttgart.

Porsche Museum via Designlenta


Posted by Jakub

Oh Stones Throw, I love that you give me the option to have the instrumentals, nothing against Aloe Blacc’s voice at all, its great but I love a beat label that gives up the instrumental.

For those Com Truise fans out there, here’s one of his other alias under the name Airliner

I got to take my younger sister to see Mux Mool, Sepalcure and Daedelus the other night, she was geeked thru the whole show but wanted more Daedelus to take home and listen but looked around and couldn’t really find music that sounded like his live set, any suggestions?

The rare chance Flying Lotus remixes you is an honor these days for producers. Ninja Tunes’ Andreya Triana recently got the pleasure and the outcome was something that should of been on Los Angeles.

Books on Flickr: Gridula

Posted by Scott

There seems to be a never-ending supply of kindly book collectors who are nice enough to share their finds with us. This latest 70’s-era set is from Gridula’s Flickr. Particularly enjoying the last two infographics from Sound and Hearing. Unfortunately they’re a little on the small side so it’s hard to make out the detail; but loving the color and style nonetheless.