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Posted by Jakub

Wild Beasts
Domino Recordings new signing Wild Beasts scream out “hey we”re talented” right from the start of their record, this kind of record is a gateway drug to lure more people away from pop and into supporting independent. The singers voice is similar to Antony’s[sang with Bjork and Hercules and Love Affair] which is a niche sound kind of like Joanne Newsome, you love it or you hate it but with the catchy backing its hard not to love it.

I found Bear In Heaven accidentally by having to DJ an all Rock n’ Roll 4 hour DJ set Saturday night(which was really hard to do by the way if you want it to sound refreshing). I think what grabbed me was how it reminded me of the Daniel Johnson’s record Lazrus and the Phil Collins like vocal effect accompanied by the synths, that combo was what sold me.

A new one from James Pants, like his label mate Dam Funk but a bit more soulful and less boogie. Stones Throw newer signings[Mayer Hawthorne, Dam Funk, James Pants, etc] this year have just been dominating me, I want what Putter Butter Wolf is having, his A+R skills are right on the mark.

My long time friend Miguel also the guy that taught me how to DJ suggested that I check out Floating Points, pretty low key house that does a great job of tying together West Coast and Detroit House by using elements of what both regions are known for.

Wild Beasts – All The King’s Men – BUY


Bear In Heaven – You Do You – BUY


James Pants – Thin Moon – N/A


Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie – BUY


Simon Page

Posted by Alex

This series by Simon Page is great. I’m always a fan of this retro minimalist look. I think he does a great job making it feel aged without going overboard. The color and texture is spot on and the vintage feel is skillfully conjured. Sounded like what started as a personal project turned into a successful client job after they saw the work. Got to love when that happens!

Photoshop Question / Problem

Posted by Scott

Edit: James solved it, thanks a lot!

I am trying to accomplish something in Photoshop and am having a hard time getting it to work. I was hoping maybe someone could shed some light. Here’s some background on the problem:

I have 30 instances of a single smart object in a composition. They are scaled to various sizes and are placed in various positions. The smart object contains a raster image that is about 1500x1500px wide. I used that size to keep things small when creating the composition but now I want to scale everything up to poster size. The image inside of the smart object is not big enough for poster size so I need to replace its contents with a higher resolution version (around 3000x3000px). The problem is that when I replace the contents of the smart object with the higher resolution image, all of the placed instances of it in the original composition scale up accordingly.

So here’s my question: Is it possible to replace the contents of a smart object with a higher resolution version while maintaining the scale of it’s instances in the composition? Meaning if there is a smart object instance in the composition that measures 900px wide, it will stay 900px wide no matter what size image I replace it’s contents with.

Putting another smart object containing the higher resolution version inside of the original smart object did not work, it seems to rasterize the inner smart object at the smaller scale before placing the outer one in the composition. Doing a Layer > Smart Object > Replace Contents did not work either.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated in the comments.